American Pet Registry

American Pet Registry 

So, the main question that arises in the mind is why registering your emotional support pet important? Answer to this frequently asked question is your registration certificate is your evidence of ownership. It is often the first document judged when involved with state and local pet rules. Registration guarantees that your dog’s rare breed remains intact and any future offspring will be properly documented. This valuable pedigree (family tree) has been thoroughly researched and kept over many, many years. Registration allows your dog to participate in any APRI dog show. It is an essential first step in responsible pet ownership.

Benefits of American Pet Registry

When the owner of a pet is under the age of 18 years, the parent or guardian of that owner will be deemed the legal owner of the pet and subject to any penalties.

Every pet three months of age and over must be registered with your local council. Existing registrations must be renewed by 10 April each year. Your registration fee gives you more than just a lost and found service for your pet in this case.

The importance of pet registration

The importance of registration is that the government is often asked why an owner should register when many websites will help a lost pet find its way home. While those websites provide a reunion service, there are many things that they cannot provide that only registration can. This section summaries some of the key community facilities and services that your pet registration fee pays for.


Your pet registration fees may go toward providing the following facilities:

  • Dog parks, including off-leash parks and fenced dog parks
  • Dog poo bins
  • Pounds and shelter facilities.
  • Modified registration tags for each of your registered dogs and cats.
  • Animal management staff to support the collection and return of stray animals to owners.

Domestic Animal Business compliance

Your registration fee certifies that the local government has sufficient staff to audit Domestic Animal Businesses, such as:

  • pets’ shops
  • breeding facilities
  • boarding kennels
  • catteries
  • training establishments
  • shelters and pounds

Auditing for compliance with the relevant mandatory codes of practice, under the Domestic Animals Act 1994, provides both consumer protection and animal welfare assurances for the community.

Why do pets have to be registered at three months of age?

Most puppies and kittens are purchased or obtained between the age of eight to twelve weeks. Registering pets at three months of age guarantees that more lost puppies and kittens can be returned to their owners. Also, owners receive discount registration fees if their pets are not found.

Registering pets at three months of age inspires early age mating of cats and dogs. This may, in turn, prevent the breeding of unwanted cats and dogs, many of which are killed each year across Victoria.

Registration fees

The types and levels of fees are set by the local council and vary depending on several factors. You need to contact your council to find out which fees apply to your pet.

You are eligible for reduced registration fees if your pet is:

  • de-sexed
  • has an obedience certificate issued by a Government approved organization.
  • over 10 years of age
  • kept for working stock
  • kept for breeding by the proprietor of a registered business.
  • You also get reduced registration fees if you are a member of an applicable organization approved by the Minister.

Pensioners who have approved concession cards issued by the Department of Social Security and Department of Veterans Affairs are also entitled to a reduction in their fees.

Our services

ESACert helps you register your pet as a certified emotional support animal, and never part with it. The certificate helps save air travel fees and pet deposits on a house rental.

If you are willing to have an Emotional Support Animal, then the best way out is to appoint a certified mental health professional from the platform of ESACert.

These experts will analyze your condition and decide the intensity of your mental disability or any kind of disorder that you are going through. After a strong examination, they will do an emotional support dog registration and issue you an emotional support animal certification and letter which will act as a key to take your dog or any other animal on board.

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