Emotional Support Animal Prescription Letter

It’s quite normal for people to suffer from any kind of emotional or mental disability such as depression, anxiety or any kind of sleeping disorder. If yes then do you feel the need of having an emotional support animal with you? If yes then you are at the right place. Having an emotional support animal does not separate you from others as there are countless other people who adopt or purchase an emotional support animal so that they can have a loyal companion with them whenever they feel down.

You can also make your own pet a certified emotional support animal and to do that you need to know the following details;

You need to search out for a medical expert who can write you an ESA letter also known as an ESA prescription. Someone who is completely aware of the general ESA Letter requirements or specifications. Or you are going to search out for online support.

You need to have an interaction with that particular medical expert who is going to write you an ESA letter. As doctors only write an emotional support animal prescription if they think your condition requires an emotional support letter or not.

What kind of services do you require and how can you ensure that the source writing you an ESA letter is authentic?

A Direct Interaction with a Medical Expert

If you want to get an ESA letter for your emotional support animal then having a direct or face to face interaction with a medical expert or therapist is mandatory. The doctor will do a proper diagnosis and determine if your mental or emotional condition requires an emotional support animal or not.

Searching out an Online Source for an ESA letter

These days people prefer doing things online and similarly, when it comes to getting an ESA letter there are several online resources that can get you an ESA prescription without any hassles. All these websites differ in quality and convenience and among them. ESACert is a platform that offers complete information and support to the people when it comes to getting an ESA letter.

The process includes filling out a detailed questionnaire which contains questions regarding your medical history, recent situation and other general inquiries. This helps an ESA expert to determine if your condition requires an emotional support animal or not.

ESA Letter

After a detailed examination, the doctor will finalize if your condition requires an ESA letter or not. Once you get a written ESA prescription that is stamped by an ESA doctor as an official ESA letter then you can have an emotional support animal anywhere you go or even at your home. No airline or any other travel medium can stop you as they are bound to accept an emotional support animal that is certified by an ESA letter.  The letter contains every minute detail and you don’t need to get into any sort of further documentation once you show an ESA letter


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