Emotional Support Animal Vest

Emotional Support Animal Vest

A lot of people ask if their emotional support animal (ESA) has to wear a vest? In a single word, the answer is no.  While the answer may seem simple enough, the laws and rights regarding service and support animals can be confusing.  Many people tend to confuse the responsibilities of emotional support animals and service animals.  While both provide essential services, it is important to understand the differences between the two.

No Federal law makes either service animals or emotional support animals wear a vest, clothing, or harness that defines them as an emotional support animal.  Many individuals do choose to have their pet wear a vest or harness recognizing them as an ESA to avoid confusion in public places.

Some Top Emotional Support Animals vests

Below is the list of some famous emotional support animal vests

  1. ALBCORP Emotional Support Animal Vest Harness

This neoprene and nylon service dog vest comes in many ranges of colors and sizes. The vest is flexible so that it will fit the smallest and biggest dogs. The vest has a handle and a D-ring for an ID tag. The padded vest avoids mocking for total pet comfort.


Variety of colors choose from three different sizes, extra-strong buckles, and fastening, reflective, two interchangeable hook and loop tags for service dog badge or emotional support badge included, measurements required for correct fit.

  1. Fairwin Emotional Support animal Vest Harness

This vest comes in a variety of sizes, from XS to XL to securely fit any breed of a dog. The harness is completely flexible for an even better fit. The vest is made from stable and breathable nylon and has padding for extra pet comfort during wear. On top of the vest has a handle and a D-ring for easy attachment of leash/ID tag.


Two different color choices are available (red, black), choose from five available sizes, padded neck/back straps, breathable net lining, top handle, D-ring, two interchangeable patches “emotional support” and “in training” included, adjustable neck/chest strap, reflective, strong locking clasps, measurements required for correct fit.

  1. Industrial Puppy Emotional Support Animal Vest

This vest has three different colors (red, black, hot pink). The vest comes in a variety of sizes, from XXS to XXL to oblige all dog breeds. It also has a strap that slips over the head and around the chest and one stable under belly grip, making it fast and simple to put on. There is also a convenient top handle and a D-ring for leash/ID.


It comes with three colors, comes in sizes XXS to XXL, attachments for additional bags to carry food/medication/etc on the medium size or larger, reflective chest stripe and service dog patch, comfortable mesh lining, durable nylon, four-foot service dog leash included. 

  1. PLUTUS PET Emotional Support Animal Vest

This is a lightweight emotional support dog vest, it is cool and comfortable, making it perfect for recognizing your supporting animal in the summer. The vest is made from breathable net and light nylon with an adjustable and sturdy buckle at the neck and chest. The reflective stripe and patches provide further safety for night outings.


Comes in two colors (red or blue), comes in a variety of sizes from XXS to XL to accommodate any breed, comfortable lightweight mesh, and nylon, D-ring for easy leash/ID attachment, reflective striping, adjustable straps/buckles, includes two removable patches “emotional support animal,” easy on and off.

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  1. Emotional Support Vest Harness

This durable dog vest is perfect for showing that your dog is more than just your pet. The indestructible and breathable construction will fit any breed of dog when sized correctly and offer safety. The top D-ring makes it easy to attach a leash/ID tag. Select sizes are also able to adjust additional attachment bags to carry food/medication/etc. that are sold separately.


Adjustable and reflective straps, mesh lining, and nylon construction, durable double stitching, top-mounted handle, quick release buckle, D-ring, variety of sizes from XXS to XXL, available in three colors (red, black or hot pink), includes two removable “emotional support” patches.

  1. voopet Service Dog Harness

This is easy on and easies off vest is perfect for your pet. It is available in a variety of colors/sizes, the vest is made from easy, long-lasting, and breathable material and provides a rust-proof D-ring for easy attachment of leash/ID tag. The traction pressure equalizes the pressure to the body to prevent suffocating.


Variety of sizes (XS to XXL), type of colors (black, blue, green, orange, pink, purple or red), breathable materials, durable buckles/straps, D-ring, nylon top handle, reflective threading, two pairs of velcro patches “service dog” and “emotional support” included.

  1. FAYOGOO Dog Vest Harness

This durable harness comes in a variety of sizes and two colors to help any breed of dog. The top D-ring is ideal for easily attaching leash/ID tags, and reflective striping is provided for safe nighttime outings. The cushioned mesh lining and adjustable straps permit comfortable long wear.


Comfortable and breathable padded mesh construction includes interchangeable pairs of velcro patches “service dog” and “in training,” easy and adjustable chest/neck straps and buckles, D-ring, plastic-wrapped grip top handle, reflective striping, available in a variety of sizes (XS to XXL), available in two colors (pink, purple). 

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