Emotional Support Animals Colorado

Emotional Support Animals Colorado 

Colorado is a state that is considered to be the best for dog owners. With a diverse landscape including arid deserts, river valleys, and beautiful mountains, Colorado can be a wonderful place to live with any type of emotional support animal without any hassle. 

Though, apart from its charming beauty and range, folks in Colorado still experience the pressures of a busy world like the rest of the world. For this particular reason, many health care professionals are recommending Emotional Support Animals to help relieve the (sometimes debilitating) symptoms that can arise from unnecessary or sustained stress.

In this blog, we will dig deeper into the laws surrounding Emotional Support Animals and particularly, how to get an Emotional Support Animal in Colorado. If you believe that an ESA is right for you and you would like doctors to support, you need to follow some procedures.

Emotional Support Animal Registration in Colorado

If you are looking to register your dog or cat as an emotional support animal, you need to Stop, because registering your pet on a website will not make your pet an ESA and you will not be protected under the Fair Housing Act or the Air Carrier Access Act. Registration of emotional support animals in Colorado is not recognized by the law and will not be accepted by landlords or airlines at any cost.

Many landlords are not informed about the recent ESA laws in Colorado. They may have heard something on social media or from a friend and are requesting certification that simply does not exist in that state anymore. ESA Registration from a website does not legally protect you and does not qualify your animal as a genuine emotional support animal. 

All you need is documentation from a licensed medical health professional.

Licensed Medical Health Professional

A licensed medical health professional would include:

  • Doctor
  • LPN or RN
  • Psychologist
  • Psychiatrist
  • Licensed Social Worker
  • Marriage and Family Therapist
  • LMHP
  • Mental health therapist
  • etc.

Service cats vs emotional support cats vs therapy cats 

ESA Letter in California

Getting an ESA letter California

How to Get an Emotional Support Animals Colorado?

To make your animal a legit Emotional Support Animal, you will need an ESA letter from a certified medical health professional. An ESA letter is the only authorized document that is required for emotional support animals in Colorado. You can talk to your family medical health professional or connect with one online. Your medical health professional must verify that you will benefit from the ESA and write a letter on their official letterhead to qualify your animal as an ESA.

There is some specific information that must be included in your ESA letter.

  • It must be written on your medical health professional’s letterhead
  • It will include his/her name, license number, date of issue and state it was issued
  • The licensed medical health professional’s signature

Where Can I Take My Emotional Support Animal in Colorado?

Even though the Emotional Support Animal is not allowed in all public areas, there are still three places you can lawfully take your emotional support animal to, those are;

  1. “No Pets” Policy Housing

According to the Fair Housing Act, a landlord cannot legally expel you or deny your access to a rental apartment because of your Emotional Support Animal. The landlord must make reasonable adjustments for your supporting animal. They cannot charge you additional fees and must allow you housing as long as it is not causing an unnecessary financial burden on the housing owner and the animal is not a danger to the other residents or property.

  1. In-Cabin Flights

The Air Carrier Access Act has made it possible for you to fly with your ESA in the cabin of the aircraft with no extra charges. Be sure to bring your ESA letter with you to the airport and call 2 days before to let them know you will be traveling with an ESA so that they can make reasonable adjustments.

  1. Employment Rights

Employers in Colorado cannot classify against people with mental disabilities. Businesses with five or more staff must make sure that a service animal can accompany the employee to work. Unfortunately, emotional support animals do not have access rights in the office. If your employer’s usual guidelines state that animals are not allowed in the office, talk to your HR representative about your ESA.


Like most states in America, Colorado acknowledges and helps the people to find good emotional support animals. If you feel you could gain from an Emotional Support Animal, then ask your doctor or mental health professional for their opinion. If your doctor agrees then ask them for a letter (prescription) so you can take benefit of all the benefits of having an Emotional Support Animal in your life. To connect with a licensed medical health professional online, ESAcert can help you in every possible way.


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