How to Get an Emotional Support Cat Certification? Complete Guideline

The first question in everyone’s mind that arises is, can cats be emotionally supportive animals? So, the answer is, Yes, they could be great emotional support animals. Any cat approved by a certified mental health professional is an emotional support cat.

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We all know that cats are brilliant pets. But did you know that cats can also aid those people who are facing emotional challenges?

It may be a dog’s world, but cats can also be considered as an ESA. Emotional support cats are also not specifically trained like dogs, they provide love and comfort to a person just by being with them.

Best Cat Breeds For ESA

There are no limitations when It comes to the breeds of cats to be eligible for an emotional support animal. It just depends on which cat can give ease and help to those suffering from any kind of emotional or mental incapacity.

How to register a Cat as an Emotional Support Animal?

As per law, there are not any specific requirements for your ESA to get registered.

If you see any website encouraging “register your cat as an ESA” or “Cat registration” or anything like that. Report the website on the spot.

There are many fake websites and they will get you in a lot of difficulties if you get a fake ESA letter. Do not get deceived otherwise you will have to face the outcomes.

Faking an ESA is a federal offense punishable by law. These sites are obviously misguiding people by fake information and the fake cat registration process. You need to stay away from these online scammers because fake ESA letter can lead to more than $100,000 fine, imprisonment, depending on the state and its laws.

There is only one thing that you need for your emotional support cat certification. It is an Emotional support animal letter.

Emotional Support Cat Certification

If you meet the criteria for an ESA, all you need is an ESA letter and then you can take your animal with you wherever you go.

To get your cat certified, all you need is an ESA letter. You can get this letter by a certified medical health expert.

A legal ESA letter defends your cat with the help of emotional support animal laws. These laws protect the official rights of an ESA and its keeper.

Emotional Support Cat Certification for Housing

Your cat will be safeguarded by the Fair Housing Act same as emotional support dogs.

This act will make sure that an individual in need of an emotional support animal will receive housing and will be allowed to live with their animal.

Moreover, it will also avoid landlords and rental companies from charging additional costs.

ESA Cat Certification for Air Travel

Air Carrier Access Act also protects your cat when it comes to flying with your buddy cat.

According to ACCA, all commercial airlines will let your ESA cat to travel with you in the cabin without any additional charges.

According to this act, the airlines can make some constraints such as requiring notice prior to boarding.

Our services

ESACert helps you get an Emotional Support Animal Letter, register your pet as a certified emotional support animal, and never part with it. The certificate helps save air travel fees and pet deposits on a house rental.

If you are willing to have an Emotional Support Animal, then the best way out is to appoint a certified mental health professional from the platform of ESACert. These experts will analyze your condition and decide the intensity of your mental disability or any kind of disorder that you are going through. After a strong examination, they will do an emotional support dog registration and issue you an emotional support animal certification and letter which will act as a key to take your dog or any other animal on board.

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