Emotional Support Cats For Therapy & Anxiety

Dogs may be the most common animal when it comes to adopting one for emotional support but they are not the only animal in the list.  Emotional Support Cats can also act as your Emotional Support Animal and can help people who are suffering from any type of mental illness or emotional problems.

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Cats are also in the list of pets and can be considered as an emotional support animal. They are sharp-witted animals and can sense instantly if their owner is in trouble or want their pet to be with them. Cats are capable of offering unconditional love and support to their owners in the same manner as dogs.

Certify Your Emotional Support Cats

The most mandatory thing that you need to know is that regardless if you are adopting a dog or a cat it will require an ESA letter.

Emotional Support Animal

Some people think that an emotional support animal and therapy animals are the same. However, an emotional support animal owns an emotional support certification and provide complete help to their owners. An emotional support cat differs significantly from usual pet cats, they aren’t service animals either and aren’t exactly trained to perform a task such as fetching or helping blind people cross the street.

An Emotional Support Cat can be noticed by its Fair Housing Act and through the Air Carrier Access Act for people who have proper documentation affirming the need for a cat who has a comfort animal certification.

How to get an Emotional Support Certification for your cat

What you need to know is that if you are getting an emotional support cat then there’s no need to go through the registration process of a therapy animal. For an ESA the only type of certification that is required is an ESA letter which contains a recommendation written and signed by an ESA doctor.

ESACert is a platform that has experienced medical experts who have emotional support animal license. The doctor examines your overall medical record along with all the pieces of evidence and determines if you require an emotional support cat or not. If they think that you need one then a recommendation is written and signed by them.

Fair Housing Act & Air Carrier Access Act

FHA and ACAA help in giving the emotional support cats the access to fly with their owners without any complication. The airlines are bound for not taking any kind of extra charges or getting the cat owner in any kind of long documentation.

FHA allows the owners to keep their emotional support cats with them at their residence, despite if you are living in a no-pet area. The FHA safeguards emotional support animal owners from any kind of illegal discriminatory acts by landlords under the homeowner associations (HOA).

The ACCA is an act under which you are allowed to take your emotional support cat with you anytime and anywhere you want. You don’t have to go through any documentation required by the airlines. However, all you need to do is inform the airline at least 48 hours before your flight.

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