ESA Letter for Housing

1 out of 5 Americans suffers from mental health illness. Emotional support animals help an emotionally unstable person to live a happy and peaceful life with unconditional love and support from their emotional support animals with the help of an ESA letter for Housing. Many people may feel better after some medications or therapy by their therapists but some may need these animals to accompany them always.

The importance of ESA is recognized by Federal law, according to the law it was made possible for people to live with their emotional support animals with some of the protections.

ESA owners are also free from paying fees and payments to housing providers and airlines to be attended by their emotional support animals.

ESA Letter For Housing

It is forbidden in some areas to live with their emotional support dogs but the Fair Housing amendments acts (FHAA) gives a person the right to live with their emotional support dogs regardless of the strict no-pet policy. You need to have the proper doctor’s prescription with you to avoid any mishaps. The mangers of the apartments or the landlords of the building may allow you to have an emotional support dog but they need to see a proper ESA letter for housing signed by a licensed therapist which justifies your need for an ESA animal and frees you from any worries.

How to Inform My Landlord of My Emotional Support Dog Letter

You will have to give your ESA letter for housing, to your landlord before or after you sign the contract. If you have given a prescription to have an ESA for your treatment and are presently living in a “no pets” policy building, you cannot be evicted under the Fair Housing Act. If you are moving into a new apartment,  you must request your landlord through an email for the record, telling that you do have a mental disability and you need the ESA for your support. Once you have informed your landowner, you should also present him with your ESA letter from your mental health specialist.

A landlord does have the power to refuse you to give an apartment or expel you if your ESA compromises the safety of the other residents, their personal property, or if it causes the landlord any unjustified financial difficulty. If the landlord refuses or threatens to evict you regardless of these conditions, you can file a complaint with the HUD.

The manager, owner, or landlord must make reasonable accommodation for you and your ESA under Federal Laws.

Points to ponder before having a letter for housing

Some common points that you need to know before renting a house;

  • You can have any breed dog for your emotional support and these ESA are not discriminated against as per breed and weight.
  • Landlords can not ask for any extra rent or payments for your emotional support animal.
  • A landlord may ask you for an ESA letter from a licensed mental health professional.
  • registration is not necessary for emotional support animals.
  • you do not have to reveal any medical information to your landlord.
  • you need to let your apartment management company know before or after you sign your agreement.

Live freely in your house with your emotional support animal

You do have rights for having an Emotional Support Animal in a “no pets” policy building. Once you have your prescription letter, live freely with your supporting animal knowing you are both covered by Federal Law

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