How to Fly With a Dog

Flying with a dog is a challenging activity but it’s better to take your fluffy one with you instead of leaving it behind in the hands of any pet care agency or under the supervision of your neighbors. The most important reason behind this is that dogs become weak if they don’t see their owner for a certain period of time.

Another vital reason for not leaving your dog in the hands of your neighbor or any pet care shelter is that neighbors won’t be able to give the same care as you. Furthermore, pet care shelters and agencies already have a lot of dogs which can cause a lack of attention along with a risk of your dog getting affected by any disease from other dogs

Flying with a dog

requires the same effort as if you are travelling with your newborn baby. Dogs are the most loyal animals in tying the category of pets and they can risk their lives to protect their owners. Therefore, some dogs even stop eating or playing in the absence of their owner ending up in becoming weak. Several airlines only allow your dog to travel if they are smaller in size as compare usually grown dogs. Whereas, the remaining ones have strictly prohibited pets regardless of how big or small they are.

However, people who live alone, are aged or suffering from any brain illness own dog as an emotional support animal and they are never recommended to travel without it. In such cases, airlines are bound to allow your dog on board regardless of the breed or what size of dog you own.  All you are required to have is an authentic emotional support dog registration.

What is an ESA certification and why is it important?

An ESA (Emotional Support Animal )document is a certification given to after determining your condition. This document is issued so that people who own therapy dogs or support dogs can easily travel by air. Airlines are bound to allow dogs or any other support animal on their plane if its owner owns an authentically issued ESA certification or registration.

You have to go through a whole process of documentation to get an ESA certification which can be a lot of hassle. Some people also search for how can I fly with my dog and get confused as multiple links are directing to different solutions leaving the searcher confused. If you are willing then the best solution is to hire a licensed mental health professional from the platform of ESA doctors. These specialists will examine your condition and determine the intensity of your mental disability or any kind of disorder within your brain. After a keen inspection, they will do an emotional support dog registration and issue you an emotional support animal certification and letter which will act as a key to take your dog or any other animal on board.

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