Importance of an ESA Doctor

Most people are unaware of the difference between an emotional support animal and therapy animals and usually consider them in a similar category. However, they both differ widely and are accessed through different levels. Certified service or therapy dogs are the ones who are professionally trained to assist their owners and complete common task for their owners.

For such reason, these type of dogs is only required by disabled people or for patients who are suffering from any kind of mental illness. Such people are always in need of assistance in their daily life to perform specific tasks such as fetching stuff, closing doors and so on.

Emotional support animals, on the other hand, are only trained to perform a certain task which is to make their owners feel that they are not alone. These animals provide unconditional love and support to their owners whenever they feel down or sad. Such animals are capable of sensing their owner’s condition. Emotional support animals are meant to be with their owners at all times and to make it possible you need to have a doctor’s note for your emotional support animals.

What are the rights of Emotional Support Animal and the importance of an ESA doctor in it

Having an emotional support animal is completely legal and similar to other pets or therapy animals, an ESA animal also has a set of rights that are protected under the Federal Law. These rights contain several aspects including the permission to travel, to stay at their owner’s residence, to be in a no pet zone and so on.

The first right is regarding policy rental units which elaborate that the landlord, building manager has to provide suitable accommodation for an ESA animal which is also not causing any kind of financial or administrative burden on the rental. However, if your ESA animal is causing any kind of harm to other tenants then you will be denied housing. This normally happens if you are keeping a wild animal with you.

The second right gives you permission to take your ESA animal into the airplane cabin. However, for that, you need to be sure that your emotional support animal is well trained and not violent towards the crowd that means no harm to you or the animal. If you have a well behaved ESA and in a suitable size then according to the law there are no kind of charges applied to you for traveling with an animal.

How to Get Doctor’s Note for Emotional Support Animals?

Initially, if you are willing to get a pet and turn it into an emotional support animal then you require a doctor’s note to keep an Emotional Support Animal in a legal way and there’s a specific process to get that note for your ESA animal.

You need to have an interaction with a licensed medical expert or a health professional. After that interaction, the doctor will analyze your condition and will prescribe you a treatment through an emotional support animal. That doctor’s note or ESA letter must be written and signed by the doctor to gain legal status.


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