Is CertaPet Legit? Detailed Review and Personal Experience

CertaPet is an online program that claims to connect patients, who are looking for suggestion letters for emotional support animals, with Licensed Mental Health Professionals who are familiar with the benefits that animal friendship can have on a person’s emotional and mental wellbeing.

is certapet legit

Is CertaPet Legit?

There is a lot of discussions if CertaPet is legit or not, different people have different opinions but according to the recently collected data and analysis, our take on CertaPet is that, No, no business that offers ESA certificates is valid for people living the U.S… All you need to document any animal as an Emotional Support Animal is a simple note from any medical or mental health professional.

The letter does NOT have to say that the animal is required or is a part of a treatment plan. It simply needs to state that you are a person with a disability and the animal helps you cope with a disability that is a “mental” disability or causes pain. “Assistance animals include guide dogs for persons with visual disabilities, as well as other types of assistance animals that provide services for people with other disabilities, including emotional support for persons with mental disabilities or whose disabilities result in chronic pain.”

How to Get an Emotional Support Cat Certification? Complete Guideline

Free Emotional Support Animal Letter Sample PDF

How to Ask Doctors or Therapists For an ESA Letter

Certapet is a well-known scam website and most landlords are into it. You are much better off having your actual doctor or therapist write an ESA letter for you. So that it really cannot be challenged much.

There is not one single “legitimate” website to get an ESA certification for any animal in the US, period. Every other website including CertaPet is a scam or fraud.

What you need is a doctor’s prescription from your treating physician that has diagnosed you with one or more medical conditions (including physical, mental, and emotional) who prescribes the animal as part of your treatment plan.

Is the letter from certaPet legit?

According to a review when someone went with Certapet because they thought they had an A rating at the BBB, but later found out that this doesn’t matter because the BBB is a private company that accepts money just like Yelp.

They submitted the letter that they received from Certapet and their apartment management (Irvine Company) denied that letter stating that Certapet therapists were on their radar and their ban list. CertaPet will give anyone a letter and this is becoming a problem

Most of these certificate mills are money-making schemes and have no real credibility. All one needs is something in writing from the service provider that treats their disability. They are all a money-making scam that tons of pet owners are giving money to that they can take Fly everywhere with them.

About refund

Although CertaPet claims that they would refund all the amount they have taken from a customer if the letter they have issued in the form of ESA letter gets rejected in any housing society or by any airline but, never in any authentic review it is seen that they have refunded even the half amount of what they have charged. So, the claim they have been making is 100 percent bogus.


Obviously, it is quite clear no one wants to fall for a scam even after paying an amount for the work that could have been done with no money at all.

CertaPet is a mafia that is run by some businessmen and landlords just to make money and fill their pockets. Disturbed mental health is not something rare nowadays and is a very common illness, so one can find mental health doctors or physiatrists anywhere near them. All you need to do is to search for medical assistance near you and get your mental health checked properly. After the complete examination if the doctor feels like, only then he can recommend an emotional support animal according to your situation with proper ESA letter.

Do not fall for scams like Certapet.

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