Most Affectionate Dog Breeds for ESA

When it comes to having a dog as a pet, then there’s no doubt that it is the most lovable creature on this planet. However, there are some most affectionate dog breeds that love their owners more and beyond normal dogs do. When it comes to having an emotional support animal those dog breeds are the best choice. ESAs are primarily adopted to offer unconditional support to their owners.

Most Affectionate Dog Breeds for ESA

Following is the list of most affectionate dog breeds that are the best choice when you are choosing a dog for ESA.

Golden Retriever

The golden retriever along with the Labrador retriever is known to be voted as the most famous and popular breed of dog when it comes to offering love and support. They are not only cute with good hunting and athletic skills and apart from that, but they are also the most successful ESA dogs.

Brussels griffon

Apart from having a cute monkey face, Brussels is also the most loving little pooch dogs one can have. The reason why they also turn out to be very reliable emotional support animals. Brussels is happy, affectionate and can live with other pets as well.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Big brown eyes and perfect cute doll face is the perfect definition of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. This charming little pooch loves to stick around with its owners and all it wants is to snuggle as a child does with a parent.


This breed tends to have the most amazing sixth sense when it comes to sensing the emotional and mental state of their owners or pet parents. Another reason why collie can be one of the perfect ESA dogs because they are very kind and loving towards children which gives the owners a relaxation that the children are safe.

Old English sheepdog

An old English sheepdog is one of the most obedient dogs among all breeds. They are very comforting and always ready to follow the orders of their owners. It can be one of the best esa dogs because they are smart, loving, fun and easy to train.


A small cute and toy look-alike dog is how Chihuahua looks like. This dogs lovers the owner and will keep following their owners in the house and no matter where ever they go.

Great Dane

A big yet the most nonviolent dog with a big heart. They are the kindest hearted and loving dogs and despite having a tall and strong appearance they are very humble. Their strong body makes them capable of supporting their owners.

English bulldog

Despite looking so muscular an English bulldog is a humble and sweet dog who loves children and lives very comfortable with them. They will try their best to become a part of the family. Bulldogs love cuddles and they will always follow you in the house and outside. They are the most loyal ones and devoted to their pet parents.



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