Register Your Pet as an Emotional Support Animal

Emotional support animals can be the best companions to people who don’t  live alone. Emotional support dogs are certified dogs who are trained to be true life savers for people who are suffering from any kind of mental illness, depression or anxiety. These animals offer invaluable and honest support to their owners without focusing on gender or judging their nature.

Are Emotional Support Animals different from Therapy Dogs?

One thing that people need to determine is that emotional support animals are not exactly pets and you can’t just buy such dogs. They are not similar to therapeutic or service dogs and require an Emotional support animal letter from a licensed medical expert.

Not even these dogs differ from each other in nature and habits but their registration process also differs widely. If you are wondering how to register your pet as an emotional support animal, then ESA doctors are the best option.

The most major difference between these two types is that emotional support animals are basically caregivers with therapeutic training. Whereas, a service dog is trained to understand the psychology of their owners and understand the simple task given by them such as fetching something, closing the door or helping their owners when it senses their medical condition becoming worse or critical. An emotional support animal provides unconditional support to their owners by offering extraordinary love and companionship.

Emotional Support Animal Registration

If you feel the need to have an emotional support animal then the first thing that you need to do is consult a licensed medical expert. ESA doctor is a platform that provides recommendation letters to people. They will book an appointment for you and determine if your medical condition requires an emotional support animal or not.

They have licensed professionals who will also examine all your medical history and pieces of evidence to ensure that if you need an ESA letter or not. If yes then they will write you a recommendation letter which is the only way of getting an emotional support animal.

The most important thing that you should keep in mind is that you don’t consult your family doctor, as they mostly prefer medications. Consult an ESA doctor and tell them openly why you want to adopt an emotional support animal.

The ESA letter can also get you multiple benefits and can save you from different hassles in the future. For instance, having an ESA letter allows you to take your dog on flights as many airlines don’t allow pets or animals or onboard. When it comes to an ESA animal, they are bound to allow them on board.

Having an emotional support animal is similar to being a parent, you feel happy while going home from work knowing that, it will be waiting for you at your doorstep.

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