Service cats vs emotional support cats vs therapy cats 

Service animals are specially trained animals that support people with everyday activities, especially people with disabilities. As a whole, service animals are independently trained to perform functions to help persons who are qualified individuals with a disability.

According to ADA Requirements, only dogs are considered to be service animals while other animals such as miniature horses, monkeys, and cats have limited federal rights. The major activities performed by these animals includes guiding blind people, alerting as well as caring for a person who is having a seizure, alerting deaf people, calming a person with PTSD during an anxiety attack and pulling a wheelchair.

Service cats vs emotional support cats vs therapy cats 

Service cats

The U.S. Department does not presently identify cats as service animals. However, some people refer to cats trained to perform assistive tasks (alerting their human of a medical emergency, for example) as “service cats” they just don’t have the same privileges as animals lawfully known as service animals, such as guiding their pet parent into a store.

While cats are not technically service animals, emotional support cats and therapy cats provide an important service to their pet parents and others. cats are far more trainable than people realize. Even though there is no official recognition for service cats.

Emotional support cats

Emotional support cats are companion animals that comfort pet parents living with conditions such as anxiety and depression. A cat does not need to undergo specific training to be an emotional support animal, you just need to get a prescription letter from your doctor.

Emotional support animals have some legal rights, including free flights and the ability to live in residences with no-pets’ policies. But unlike service animals, they are not allowed in most establishments, so your furry friend can’t join you for a cappuccino unless the café permits it. Because laws vary state to state and globally, always research the locations you are traveling to with your emotional support cat to verify that you may do so legally.

American Pet Registry

Emotional Support Animal Vest

ESA Registration: Complete & Detailed Overview

Therapy cats

Therapy cats are also used to comfort people living with mental health issues, but they differ from emotional support cats in that they are trained and certified by professionals. Another difference is that therapy cats, while typically handled by their pet parents, tend to provide service to the larger community.

Is Your Cat Ready?

If you are intended in pursuing therapy certification for your cat, contact a trustworthy organization, for specific details. No one breed makes a better therapy cat than another. what matters most is the specific cat’s temperament and socialization. A therapy cat should be comfortable wearing a leash and/or harness and should be friendly to strangers, even in unfamiliar and noisy settings.

Can you take care of your service or therapy cats?

Before getting any kind of cat or any other animal in general, it is essential to critically consider all the obligations that come along. ESAs are a bit easier since they don’t need special training, but any living thing is still a responsibility. If you can’t manage a dog, think about a lower-maintenance pet like a cat or a fish. If even that is too much for you, try starting with a plant or a stuffed animal, or any other kind of treatment.

Our services

ESACert helps you get an Emotional Support Animal Letter, register your pet as a certified emotional support animal, and never part with it. The certificate helps save air travel fees and pet deposits on a house rental.

If you are willing to have an Emotional Support Animal, then the best way out is to appoint a certified mental health professional from the platform of ESACert. These experts will analyze your condition and decide the intensity of your mental disability or any kind of disorder that you are going through. After a strong examination, they will do an emotional support dog registration and issue you an emotional support animal certification and letter which will act as a key to take your dog or any other animal on board.

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