Service Therapy Dogs vs ESA for anxiety

Emotional support animals are the type of companions that totally differ from any kind of therapy animals. The only purpose of having service therapy dogs and emotional support animals is to offer unconditional love and support to their owners. Therefore they are perfect for people who are disabled, emotionally disturbed, or are suffering from any kind of mental illness.

In comparison to emotional support animals, therapy animals are professionally trained to be a complete assistant and companion to their owners. For such reason, therapy animals are referred to people who are primarily suffering from any kind of major disability. They are trained to be skilled enough to determine the barriers their owners face and offer full assistance to their owners.

Service Therapy Dogs vs Emotional Support Animals

Therapy animals are capable of pushing their owner’s wheelchairs, guiding them the way if they are blind or help them be safe during their seizures. However as compare to emotional support animals, therapy animals are not allowed to be in a no pet zone.

Important Facts about Emotional Support Animals

When we discuss ESA vs Service Therapy Dogs, there are a few important facts regarding emotional support animals that one should determine before making the final decision.

Most importantly, where therapy animals are only categorized in dogs and animals. Emotional support animals list does not end on cats and dogs and people can have any animal as esa. The only condition that implies is that they don’t disturb or bother the people in their surroundings.

Another major fact is that you can’t own an emotional support animal until you have an emotional support animal letter commonly stated as an esa letter. It is a recommendation letter written and signed by a licensed mental expert that summarizes the message that the considered patient requires an emotional support animal as a companion to end or overcome their mental and physical problems.

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There’s no such complication in identifying if you qualify for an ESA letter or not. If you are suffering from any kind of mental illness or disability such as anxiety, depression or any other psychological illness then you qualify for an ESA dog letter. It is a researched theory that emotional support animals offer countless benefits and support to their owners by being a loyal companion. The criteria to qualify for an ESA dog letter is to be a patient of any kind of disability that can be treated or reduced through emotional support animals.

How to Qualify for an ESA Dog Letter

Here are a few examples and situations under which you can qualify for ESA dog letter;

 Being unable or having difficulty in learning things
 Attention Deficit Disorder
 Depression
 Anxiety disorders
 Intellectual disability
 Moto skills disorder

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