Spirit Airlines Emotional Support Aminal Policies & Requirements

As their name indicates, Spirit Airlines has a welcoming “spirit” when it comes to you and your emotional support animal. But before booking a flight, there are some regulations and procedures an individual will have to follow before they “take off.”

For Spirit Airlines passengers, that began on October 15th, 2018, there were new ESA forms that have to be finalized to travel with emotional support or psychiatric service animal, regardless of the day you purchased your ticket.

Spirit does not charge a fee for ESA pets. Emotional support animals are free from any pet fees that Spirit usually charges from their customers.

Please see the requirements below.

Spirit Airlines Emotional Support Animal and Psychiatric Service Dog Forms

Spirit Airline requires 3 forms to be filled in addition to your ESA letter. The 3 forms are:

  1. Mental Health Professional Form (filled out by a doctor or LMHP)
  2. Veterinary Health Form (filled out by a veterinarian)
  3. Passenger Liability Form (filled out by the owner of an ESA)

An individual must submit ESA forms at least 48 hours before their flight. If the completed ESA forms are not handed over to the management of the flight at least 48 hours before the flight, Spirit Airlines will do their best to see and accept them, they cannot guarantee that you will be able to travel with your ESA.

Pre-Flight Requirements for Spirit Airlines Emotional Support Animal

Spirit Airline never fails to meet you and your emotional support animal’s requirements during the flight, so you will need the following credentials before booking and boarding the flight. These certifications include;

  • An individual must have been detected with a mental or emotional incapacity under the standards of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. (Fourth or Fifth Edition) (DSM-IV or V)
  • The ESA must be a necessary support for the flight itself or your destination.
  • Your mental health specialist must provide proof of license (number) and the authority he holds and the date of that issued license.
  • You must be currently under your doctor’s care.
  • The prescription must be on a doctor’s own certified and stamped letterhead.
  • You must check-in at least 90 minutes before the regular pre-flight check-in time to have your documentation confirmed.
  • You must contact Spirit Airlines 48 hours before your booked flight date with the completed new ESA Forms.
  • You can book a seat anywhere on the aircraft except in the emergency exit rows.

Animals in carriers may not be seated in the first, second rows or on the pathways.

  • You and your supporting animal cannot sit in seats with an expandable seat for the safety of your animal if it is sitting on your laps.
  • You must have individual ESA letters if you are traveling with more than one Emotional Support Animals.

In-Cabin Policies Concerning Spirit Airlines Emotional Support Animal

Even with your authenticated certification in-hand, some rules and procedures will apply to you and your ESA in the cabin of the airline. These include;

  • ESA pets cannot block the walkway or emergency exit.
  • The animal must always remain with you.
  • ESA can be seated on your lap or the floor in front of your legs providing that animal is no larger than the average “lap child”.
  • No animal or any part of the animal can touch the aircraft seat itself.

Spirit Airlines reserves the right to not accept the following animals on their flights.

  • Snakes
  • Reptiles
  • Rodents
  • Ferrets
  • Sugar gliders
  • Spiders
  • Animals that are too large to fit in the cabin.
  • Animals that are not safe for other passengers.

ESA’s and Spirit Airlines

ESACert.com helps you get an Emotional Support Animal Letter, register your pet as a certified emotional support animal, and never part with it. The certificate helps save air travel fees and pet deposits on a house rental.

Taking your emotional support animal with you on a vacation or other travel purposes should not be a traumatic journey. Spirit Airlines is more than happy to serve you and your ESA, just be sure to follow their guidelines and policies both for pre-flight and in-cabin protocols. Then sit back and enjoy your flight.

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