Therapy Pet Certification for Anxiety & Depression

People who live alone or are burdened with a lot of responsibilities tend to have problems of depression or anxiety. If you are suffering from any kind of mental disability such as illnesses related to your brain or any kind of psychological issues then the best way to overcome such problems is to get an emotional support animal.

People with such issues are more likely to qualify the need to have a certified emotional support animal with you at all times. Having an Emotional Support Animal or a therapy animal can bring a positive change in your life-giving you several health benefits. However, the confusion lies between if therapy animals and emotional support animals are the same or different.

Here’s How to Get a Therapy Pet Certification

The fact is that both categories differ significantly from each other and therapy dogs require a proper therapy pet certification whereas, ESA pets only require an ESA letter. Emotional Support Animals are not trained as therapy animals and can’t perform a task such as bringing stuff to their owner locking the door or anything.

Emotional Support Animal Application 

You can either register pet as an emotional support animal or purchase an animal to make it your certified emotional support animal. The procedure is very simple and you can get in touch with ESA doctors to get an Emotional Support Animal letter without any hassles.

All you need to do is to fill a questionnaire and submit an application to the ESA Doctors and they will schedule an appointment for you. During your session with one of their certified doctor, you need to make sure that you open up about your medical condition without any hesitation. If your medical illness is causing any kind of distortion in any of your daily routine activities or chores such as;






Then you will definitely qualify for an Emotional Support Animal letter as such factors are disturbed if a person is mentally disturbed or is suffering from anxiety, depression, or loneliness. The doctor will examine all your medical evidence and if you qualify the needs and criteria for an emotional support animal then they will notify you through an email. A written recommendation will be delivered to you also known as an ESA letter which is good enough to get you an Emotional Support Animal.

Your Companion Stays With You Wherever You Go…

An emotional support animal is not just your pet it’s more like having a companion who is constantly there to offer its unconditional love and support. An emotional support animal differs from a therapy pet but once it’s attached with the owner it will sense every action and emotion of its owner.

An ESA is capable of sensing if their owner is under the state of depression, loneliness, feeling down, or having a mood swing. It makes sure to help the owner overcome that particular state and live a happier and healthier life. You want to, get a therapy pet certification.

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