How to Effectively Train your Emotional Support Animal

Emotional Support Animals are very loyal and sincere companions for their owners. Emotional support animals are different from service dogs and they don’t require proper training. If you are getting a dog for emotional support then it’s the same as becoming a parent.

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Emotional support animals are also licensed by a professional therapist or medical experts, but before consulting them you need to sure if you just require a pet or an emotional support animal.

Dogs are naturally very attached to their owners and are capable to provide extra care to them. However, having an emotional support animal and a pet differs a lot, as people only get support dogs when they are suffering from anxiety, depression or any other mental disorder. If you are getting a support dog then in order for it to have all sort of qualities it should get a proper emotional support animal training to become one.

Qualities of an Emotional Support Dog

Dogs are very protective by nature when it comes to the safety of their owners and they are always ready to risk their lives for the. Initially, if you require an emotional support dog then the first thing that you would require is a written recommendation by a licensed therapist or a medical expert.

Adopting a puppy might not be the right choice if you want the dog to be trained before you adopt, as puppies are hyperactive and a playful. They are not capable to provide the care which you expect from a support dog.

Therefore, it’s better to adopt a one-year-old dog as they are easily trained and can understand their owners better. If your support dog is able to create a strong bond of love with you then it will ensure to be with you when you need it.

Which dog can become the best emotional support Animal?

When it comes to owning an emotional support dog people often become confused in the matters of age, breed and gender. For people who are willing to provide proper emotional support animal training, getting a puppy would be the best choice for an emotional support dog. It will become more trained as it grows up and can have a stronger bond as compared to other dogs.

The next thing that you need to consider is the breed of your support dog. There are some breeds that are very willing to be at service for their owners, which includes Labrador, poodles and the most famous Goldendoodle.

However, your preference matters and you don’t have to limit yourself in making the decision. A proper emotional support animal training can turn any dog into a well-trained support dog. All you need to determine is that if you are willing to train your dog gradually on your own, if yes then you are ready to adopt a puppy. In case, if you are looking for a dog that can easily and quickly become a proper support dog without much efforts and training then you need a little grown-up dog.


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