United Airlines Emotional Support Animal

United Airlines supports you and your ESA at their best, all you have to do is to out time to get the proper paperwork done in time. Follow their in-cabin policies and the requirements held by your ESA and you can have hassle-free flights with your United Airlines emotional support animal.

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United Airlines requires some documents in addition to your ESA letter. These document must be filled out by a licensed mental health professional

United Airlines Emotional Support Animal Pet Policy

If you want to take a flight on United Airlines and you want to be accompanied by your emotional support animal, and a question arises in your mind even if it is possible to have your emotional support animal with you? the answer is, yes, it is possible. There are some rules and regulations to ensure the safety of you, your ESA pet, and your fellow passengers.

Here is a quick guide to traveling on United Airlines with an Emotional Support Animal.

United airlines Emotional Support Animals form

Although you have your ESA letter made by your doctor or therapist, 3 additional forms need to be filled to travel with your ESA pet.

  1. Mental Health Professional Form that is filled by a licensed mental health specialist.
  2. Animal Behavior Form that is completed by you
  3. Veterinary Health Form that is filled by a veterinarian

Pre-Flight ESA Requirements

It is not as simple as just boarding a flight with your emotional support pet, United Airlines need some of the basic information for their record before you schedule a flight.

  • You must have a signed and properly filled form from your certified mental health professional.
  • It is essential to have an ESA letter signed by a registered mental health professional on their formal letterhead.
  • A signed veterinary health form filled by a qualified veterinary professional is a must.
  • Your mental health professional must be certified and should have proof of it in the form of a degree.
  • The form and letter must be presented 48 hours earlier to the flight time.

You need to submit your filled forms to United Airlines through their secure portal including the first departure date and the flight confirmation.

This is to keep in mind that if you fail to produce the earlier mentioned requirements to the United airlines, your emotional support pet will have to travel as a pet passenger and you will have to pay them the pet fee. To avoid any mishaps, make sure you qualify for an ESA letter and have a digital copy with you at the airport.

In-Cabin Policies Concerning ESA’s

For the safety purposes of you and your emotional support pet, United Airlines’ policy is that your animal must not roam around everywhere on the flight. This means it needs to be seated on your legs or should always be in front of your eyes. However, no exit seating will be allowed. In addition to this, your Emotional Support pet must be well-behaved and cause no disturbance to the other passengers.

United Airlines Emotional Support Animal Restrictions

Some of the restrictions that you need to follow are;

  • Only one emotional support animal per person is allowed.
  • The animal must be under 65 lbs. of weight.
  • ESA animal can only be a cat or dog.
  • Emotional Support Animal must be over 4 months old.
  • International flights may have their own rules and they may differ from the above-mentioned flights.

If you are qualifying in all the rules, regulations, and restrictions mentioned above in this article then you are good to go anywhere with your emotional support animal without any disturbance.

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